Lollipop Upgrading on gionee P2s Smart phone

First of all you need following software and apps
1, I root for rooting phone
2 Sd formater for formating sd card
33.Recovery tool.apk(recomended) or Mobile Uncle.apk (get it from PLAYSTORE)
4 recovery.img recovery image file for gionee p2s smart phone. (add.img if not like that)

Before Starting-
*Root Your Mobile First If Not Rooted
*Take Full Nandroid Backup ( Always Recommended )

*Install CWM OR CTR (recommended)Recovery:-
*Copy THIS RECOVERY to Sd Card  

*Now Download A

*Open Mobile Uncle Tools give root access And Click On Recovery Update like this

*Now Click On Recovery.img and press ok as shown in below image

*After that you get message as show in below image if yes congrats your CWM installed successfully


Go To Recovery Mode by-  (its very importent to follow the following step to get success )
Switch off the Phone Press and hold "Volume Up + Power" Button
Installing Rom by the following method-
1. - wipe data factory reset --> Yes--delete all user data
2. - wipe cache partition --> Yes--Wipe Cache
3. - advanced --> Wipe Dalvik Cache --> Yes--wipe dalvik cache
4. - mounts and storage --> Format /System /data /cache (Recommended)
5. - Install zip from sd --> - choose zip from sdcard --> - Select Zip
Wait till the ROM finishes Flashing then Reboot your phone. The first Reboot may take a longer time, so wait for it. Then Enjoy the new ROM!
6. - Reboot System now.......


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